Save the environment, Save the future


Have you ever thought of “what you should talk”? Probably “no”. Because we don’t have to bother from years, what to say or talk in the next moment or with the next person we meet.

But, should we really tell what pops into our mind?

For many good reasons, I think we shouldn’t tell the first thing that comes to our mind.

Because it might hurt that person’s feelings or it might make that person angry so that he gets into an argument or might even make him do a sin or it might make him sad so that he decides to suicide. It can be any of this or something else.

It can be just a word or a phrase that causes all these troubles.

So it’s really better if you think before you talk. It’s also better if you think about something you told after you said that, so that you can recover it or make sure you don’t do it again if you think, you said something bad. Unless you would never be able to correct your fault.

If you want to appreciate someone or something go ahead..! NEVER BE LATE FOR THAT. But.., if you see a fault in someone or something, think thousand times before you show it and talk about it. Because we should never hurt someone’s feelings UNLESS he or she hurts our feelings. If someone goes around hurting other people by words they should taste their own harvest.

Life is easy and fulfilling when you compare the situations putting your self there. That would be the best way to taste the effects of your own acts.

As I like to be loved others also do

As I like to be treated well others also do

As I like to hear nice kind words others also do…

So I have no right to talk what might hurt someone that had never hurt me.

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