Humans are invading this planet in a way as if no other creature belongs here. According to the Global Forest Watch of World Resources Institute’s (WRI), only within 2018, we have lost tropical tree forest cover equal to 30 football fields every minute. Amounting up to 12 million hectares of loss throughout the year.

Every human must know that there is no tree or an animal that depends on a human to live unless they are taken away from its natural environment. Plant succession is such a beautiful story about how trees protect each other to establish their community and evolve in a given environment. No human needs to tell them when to grow and which one should come next. So are animals.

But human? We human need oxygen produced by plants. We cannot produce our own oxygen. We need water that gathered and protected by plants on this earth. We need food. Either plants or animals. Still, big-headed humans think he is superior.

Human is only a part of this big diverse ecosystem that has a 1.5-liter brain. Around us, live around 8.7 million species of plants and animals. That’s only in the 14% of land species and 9% of the sea species we assumed to have discovered.

But we, live in such a selfish manner disregarding every other living being.

Need settlements? Clear that forest, chase all those animals.

Need a playground? Clear all those trees, those animals won’t come striking.

Need to find the hunt? Burn the forest.  

Need a golf ground? Just take down that watershed, there’s enough water.

Need electricity? Just block that small water stream. Fish will move somewhere if they want.

Need sand? Take as much as you want, let the environment people shout.

This has been the thinking of human over the years. The consequence?

“We need water to cultivate, government should give us water”.

“It’s too hot, the government should take measures”.

“The seawater comes upstream, we won’t stop sand mining the government should give us clean water….”

“Elephants destroy our crops, attack people, the government should build an electric fence or give us guns”, etc… etc..

The government should, but not all this. It is the government’s responsibility to protect the environment as well. The government is the guardian of every animal and every plant in its jurisdiction. Though they cannot make a voice, it is the government’s responsibility to care for all kinds of living beings. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, this was the lesson taught to us humans by nature. No species is superior in the eyes of nature. You mess it, you pay for it! Thus it is time to pay heed to our own actions and be considerate towards nature.

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I am Chalani H.T. Rubesinghe (Bsc., MSc Env. Sc.), graduated from the Open University of Sri Lanka in 2009 in the stream of Natural sciences with a First class. I completed my Masters in Environmental science at the Postgraduate Institute of Science at Peradeniya, Sri Lanka with a GPA of 3.58. As a child I had a keen interest on oceans and ships. I used to collect details and pictures of ships and spent hours in the library to collect information on oceans. Back then I wanted to become an Oceanographer. I have a huge collection of ocean specimens that in future someday when I'm rich enough, I expect to turn into a museum. When I was doing my masters, Oceanography was unavailable. Instead I had to do Environmental science which eventually became my carrier and also a part of my life. My carrier started as an Environmental Officer from Center for Environmental Justice (CEJ), Sri Lanka. This was the mother who gave me birth, nurtured and raised me up as an Environmental scientist. For this, I gratefully acknowledge Mr. Hematha WIthanage, Executive director, Mr. Dilena Pathragoda, Director- Projects and the whole CEJ team. During my carrier I was engaged in; Studies on enhancing public awareness on chemical management under the grants of UNDP/ GEF/ SGP, Climate change on agriculture and their remedial actions implemented in Sri Lanka, Global study on fish and community mercury contamination carried in association with IPEN and ARNIKA organization, Survey on public perceptions on Wide spreading CKDue in Sri Lanka with Korea Green Association, Contamination of mercury and lead in cosmetics and Asian lead paint elimination project in association with IPEN and EU. In addition I worked as the regional facilitator for Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific for two months. I have also facilitated the Non Carbon Benefits study carried out by CEJ and Sri Lanka Climate and Forest Action Network (SLCFAN). I also got the opportunity to participate in survey and awareness raising sessions of Forest Management Plan Survey Conducted at Nilgala and Bogahapallassa conduct by CEJ incorporation with SHALIN, Finland. Which gave me the opportunity to understand the conflict between forest conservation and marginal residents. All these work included generating reading materials, partial contribution in budgeting, writing updates for granters, organizing meetings/ symposiums for national and international audiences, discussions and field work such as public awareness, surveys and sampling. I was also given the opportunity of participating in international events such as; GAELP (Global Association For Eliminating Lead Paint) held in Thailand, June 2012, as the NGO representative from Sri Lanka to share the experiences on eliminating lead paint in Sri Lanka, IPEN International Toxic Metals Skillshare in Minamata, Japan (3rd-4th of October, 2013) and Minamata International Symposium (5 & 6 October, 2013) to share the experience on CEJ research on mercury and to share the experiences of Minamata victims, and South East Asia Regional Conference on Lead Poisoning (24th and 25th October 2013) held in New Delhi, organized by the Toxics Link, in partnership with Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi and the Lata Medical Research Foundation. Later in 2014, I had to shift to Italy in order to fulfill my duty as a wife. Yet, nothing learned ever goes in vain. Since, it is impossible to get a carrier as an environmental scientist here in Italy, I use my spare time to generate something useful and helpful through my website. My younger brother Channaka Oshan Rubesinghe handles all the technical details of this site for me. I must mention that, my husband, ammi, dada, elder brother, younger brother and my both sister-in-laws have always been the encouragement, guidance and strength behind my work.

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