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Short story- The Accident

It was a fine Saturday morning. I wanted to go for a ride in my new car which I got as a present for my good work, at the college. I had asked a few of my friends to come with me, but they said that they couldn’t. Only David agreed to come with me.

In the morning he came to my house. We went together having no idea where to go. On the way, we decided to visit our old friend, a classmate.

I was new to driving. But I had got my license. David & I were enjoying & laughing reminding our school days, especially of when we were kept out of the class for not completing our homework.

As I was driving along a straight, clear road I saw a line of vehicles coming towards. One van coming toward us tried to overtake another van & it came straight to me. I thought, by the time I reach it, it would go to its own side. But it didn’t. Instead, it came straight on!  It was 2 or 3 meters from me, yet it kept coming straight at me. …. In a flash, I swerved to the left, out of the road & stopped.


I hugged the steering wheel & stayed still.

“Shane …. Shane… are you all right?”

I heard David; I shook my head to say yes.

I looked back. I saw the van that came straight at me, had hit the van behind me. People gathered. Three people lay seriously injured.

“Hay…take this man to the hospital” I looked at David. He took the wheel. I helped those people to put two injured men inside the car & we drove as fast as we could.

We just had to make our statement to police & then to the hospital.

Three men in the vans were dead. There were no complainants or witnesses for a court case. David & I had nothing to do with it.

David & I are physically alright but mentally injured.

At that very moment, all that I wanted was to live. I didn’t think about the man behind me. It is the reality that we love our selves more than anyone else. We expect to live comfortably no matter what happens to the others. In that very second, I saved our lives leaving three people dead.

I don’t think I’m wrong. Because if I let my car hit the van, not only me but also David could have died. Which I have no right to decide on.

No one blamed me of course except my own mind. It was the last day I ever drove my car. Whenever I sit on the driving seat, that particular scene passes before my eyes & I lose my desire to drive.


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