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“My world is upside down”

“My world is upside down”

Have you ever tried to see the world in a different angle?
Well… some animals are born  with it. Seriously… there are some unique creatures that are designed by nature, to watch the sight inversely.

Bats: the legs of the bat are not strong enough to bear the weight of their body. So that they have no other option than hanging
themselves upside down.

Sloth, stays at top of tall trees for both their food & protection, it can hide among leaves from enemies as jaguars & anacondas.

The Spirula spirula,, from the class cephalopoda of Phylum Mollusca. Posterior position of the shell within the body causes the animal to stay vertically with the head downward. These are bottom associated animals hence this positioning help it to dive straight to the bottom & obtain the pray.

Reminding of some other animal??? do share as a comment…..

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