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Man Vs Nature
Education and Income

Education and Income

I was once told by a wise man, that for education and knowledge to be worthwhile, you must also learn how to use it to get an income. He himself was a geologist and as his job, he sold expensive minerals, rocks, and articles made out of them. I think he also had a unique collection of rare minerals and precious stones. Now, why do I want to tell this??? Is because nowadays I agree with him. 😀 for knowledge simply doesn’t feed you and some cannot even have a glass of water without money. If someone says that “I can live without earning a single Penney”, it’s because someone has already paid the bill for him. So, how can we actually convert our education to our income???

Honestly, I don’t have the perfect answer. Because the education is not always the passion of a person. The best example I’ve heard from one of the educators is the story of a guy who was passionate to talk but passed out as a dentist! Isn’t that funny? A man who loves to talk, had to deal with people who come to him holding their mouth and leaves without a word! Yet, the story said that he eventually gave up and became a sales manager in which he became really a successful man.

As for others, who are passionate about their own education, the first and the easiest option would be to find a workplace in which you are paid a salary. Nowadays almost everyone goes in this path.

The other option is to start up your own business, difficult and involves a lot of work and effort. Yet I have seen very successful people.

The reason I came to discuss this topic is, if you are someone who is passionate about the environment, and need to make your career path in that line, yet have no idea how to. Let me give you some tip points. May not be all but I’m sure one may work out.

  1. Gardening

The very first option would be gardening. May it be any category; flowers/ medicinal plants/ aquarium plants/ fruits/ vegetables/ spices… or whatever it is, gardening is both environmentally friendly and provides an income.

  1. Recycling

This is another environmental friendly business depending on the maintenance. The proper methods should be followed and care should be given to managing the hazardous wastes (if generate) output.

Eg: organic waste recycling- compost fertilizer

Plastic recycling- plastic pellets for flower pots, hangers, stools, garden decorations, etc.

Garden waste recycling- wood pellets for heaters

Paper recycling (without bleaching)-  recycled paper and cardboard, crafts, ornaments, etc.

Clothes recycling- crafts, carpets, cushions, etc.

Glass recycling

Metal recycling

  1. Design and /or produce environmental friendly toy kits for children

Children are the best seeds to nurture towards protecting the environment. Small play kits and tools to draw them towards environmental friendly activities will definitely be a valuable service towards molding the future generations to care for the environment.

  1. Designing water recycling systems and plants for waste water recycling.
  2. Establishing a laboratory for monitoring environmental contaminants or chemicals in products.
  3. Establishing a society or firm to work on environmental issues.

This is not only a mode of income but also a valuable service. Although there are government organizations to work on these matters, best monitors are always small NGOs or village societies.

  1. Writing Environmental Impact Assessments.
  2. Establishing a firm to conduct eco-tourism/ nature trails or education programs for children.
  3. Establishment to manufacture value added products out of agricultural harvests.

Eg: pepper, other spices, herbal teas, herbal drinks, natural herbal ointments.. etc.

  1. Manufacturing natural herbal cosmetics.
  2. Manufacturing environmentally safe products.

Eg: natural dyes, paints, plates, cups, shoes out of pineapple fiber, hand bags, mats..etc.

Hope one of these stimulated your brain! If not, do share your thought…

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