Save the environment, Save the future

Education and Income

I was once told by a wise man, that for education and knowledge to be worthwhile, you must also learn how to use it to get an income. He himself was a geologist and as his job, he sold expensive minerals, rocks, and articles made out of them. I think he also had a unique collection of rare minerals and precious stones. Now, why do I want to tell this??? Is because nowadays I agree with him. 😀 for knowledge simply doesn’t feed you and some cannot even have a glass of water without money. If someone says that “I can live without earning a single Penney”, it’s because someone has already paid the bill for him. So, how can we actually convert our education to our income??? KEEP READING “Education and Income”

ගෙවතු වගාව (Home gardening)

රැකියාව වශයෙන් හෝ විනෝදාංශය වශයෙන්, එළවළු, පළතුරු, මල්, ඖෂධ පැළෑටි මෙන්ම විසිතුරු ශාක වගාව සිදු කිරීම ආර්ථිකමය වශයෙන් පමණක් නොව පාරිසරිකමය වශයෙන් ද ඉතා වැදගත් වේ. එමඟින් ආදායමක් උපයාගත හැකි වනවා මෙන්ම, ස්වභාවික ඖෂධ/ පළිබෝධ විකර්ෂක/ මදුරු විකර්ෂක ලෙස ක්‍රියා කිරීම, වාතය පිරිසිදු වීම, පරිසරය අලංකාර වීම, ජල සංරක්ෂණයට දායක වීම,  ඇතුළු පාරිසරික ප්‍රයෝජන රැසක් ද ඇත. KEEP READING “ගෙවතු වගාව (Home gardening)”

Why should we care…

“What goes around, comes around” is an old saying that we all know. But how much do we really accept this fact? The way I see is, if we are ever afraid of happening to bear the consequences, we wouldn’t be doing most of the things we do today.

Thinking about a very simple fact, will a farmer spread agro-chemicals to his field if he accept that this poison can end up in his own plate and make him loose a kidney? Will a paint manufacturer mix up lead in paint if he accept that this lead can end up in his child’s toy and result in making him a permanent deaf? Well, I don’t think so….

Then, what do we lack? The knowledge on consequences of course! We don’t really know what our hazardous inputs to the environment can actually do to us. Because we haven’t seen what it has done so far, or do not pay heed as it is not relevant or has not affected “me and my family” so far. But is it true? Can we just wash our hands saying “not my problem”? When it comes back as an environmental disaster will it affect differently on “I didn’t do it people”?

So, let’s start to talk about causes and consequences. To step up in order to make a difference.