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Humans are invading this planet in a way as if no other creature belongs here. According to the Global Forest Watch of World Resources Institute’s (WRI), only within 2018, we have lost tropical tree forest cover equal to 30 football fields every minute. Amounting up to 12 million hectares of loss throughout the year. Every human must know that there […]

Education and Income

I was once told by a wise man, that for education and knowledge to be worthwhile, you must also learn how to use it to get an income. He himself was a geologist and as his job, he sold expensive minerals, rocks, and articles made out of them. I think he also had a unique collection of rare minerals and […]

ගෙවතු වගාව (Home gardening)

රැකියාව වශයෙන් හෝ විනෝදාංශය වශයෙන්, එළවළු, පළතුරු, මල්, ඖෂධ පැළෑටි මෙන්ම විසිතුරු ශාක වගාව සිදු කිරීම ආර්ථිකමය වශයෙන් පමණක් නොව පාරිසරිකමය වශයෙන් ද ඉතා වැදගත් වේ. එමඟින් ආදායමක් උපයාගත හැකි වනවා මෙන්ම, ස්වභාවික ඖෂධ/ පළිබෝධ විකර්ෂක/ මදුරු විකර්ෂක ලෙස ක්‍රියා කිරීම, වාතය පිරිසිදු වීම, පරිසරය අලංකාර වීම, ජල සංරක්ෂණයට දායක වීම,  ඇතුළු පාරිසරික ප්‍රයෝජන රැසක් ද ඇත.

Why should we care…

“What goes around, comes around” is an old saying that we all know. But how much do we really accept this fact? The way I see is, if we are ever afraid of happening to bear the consequences, we wouldn’t be doing most of the things we do today. Thinking about a very simple fact, will a farmer spread agro-chemicals […]