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About admin

About admin

This site will be dedicated to discuss the consequences of environmental destruction. Starting from chemical contamination, pollution, forest destruction, climate change, etc.. With solutions and practical measures that can be taken.

About me..

I’m Chalani H.T. Rubesinghe (Bsc.Nat.sc., MSc.Env.Sc.), graduated from the Open University of Sri Lanka in 2009 in the stream of Natural sciences with a First class. I completed my Masters in Environmental science from the Postgraduate Institute of Science at Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

As a child I had a keen interest on oceans and ships. I used to collect details and pictures of ships and spent hours in the library to collect information on oceans. Back then I wanted to become an Oceanographer. I have a huge collection of  ocean specimens that in future someday when I’m rich enough, I expect to turn into a museum. When I was doing my masters, Oceanography was unavailable. Instead I had to do Environmental science which eventually became my carrier and also a  part of my life.

My carrier started as an Environmental Officer from Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ), Sri Lanka. This was the mother who gave me birth, nurtured and raised me up as an Environmental scientist. For this, I gratefully acknowledge Mr. Hematha Withanage, Executive director, Mr. Dilena Pathragoda, Director- Projects and the whole CEJ team.

During my carrier I was engaged in;

  • Studies on enhancing public awareness on chemical management under the grants of UNDP/ GEF/ SGP,
  • Climate change on agriculture and their remedial actions implemented in Sri Lanka in association with PILF,
  • Global study on fish and community mercury contamination carried in association with IPEN and ARNIKA organization,
  • Survey on public perceptions on Wide spreading CKDue in Sri Lanka with Korea Green Association,
  • Contamination of mercury and lead in cosmetics, under the grants of UNDP/ GEF/ SGP, and
  • Asian lead paint elimination project in association with IPEN and EU.

In addition I worked as the regional facilitator for Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific for two months. I have also facilitated the Non Carbon Benefits study carried out by CEJ and Sri Lanka Climate and Forest Action Network (SLCFAN). I also got the opportunity to participate in survey and awareness raising sessions of Forest Management Plan conducted at Nilgala and Bogahapallassa by CEJ in association with SHALIN, Finland. Which gave me the opportunity to understand the conflict between forest conservation and marginal residents.

All these work included Project cycle management, monitoring and Evaluation, generating reading materials, partial contribution in budgeting, writing updates for granters, organizing meetings/ symposiums for national and international audiences, discussions and field work such as public awareness, surveys and sampling.

I was also given the opportunity to  participate in international events such as;

Later in 2014, I had to shift to Italy in order to fulfill my duty as a wife. Yet, nothing learned ever goes in vain. Since, it is impossible to get a carrier as an environmental scientist here in Italy, I use my spare time to generate something useful and helpful through my website.

My younger brother Channaka Oshan Rubesinghe handles all the technical details of this site for me. I must mention that, my husband, ammi, dada, elder brother, younger brother and my both sister-in-laws have always been the encouragement, guidance and strength behind my work.

Links to some of my paper work: