Save the environment, Save the future

The upcoming week (22-28th October 2017) is dedicated to preventing lead poisoning. To be aware and stay away from all sources of lead and tell your neighbor too…

Just a quick reminder,

  • Lead is a harmful heavy metal, especially for children.
  • The safe level for blood lead contamination is 0 ppm.
  • Lead can mainly come from lead-contaminated paints, all paint applications that use leaded paint and industries such as welding, lead battery manufacturing etc.
  • Lead can get into our bodies through ingestion (through mouth/ food), inhalation (through nose/ breathing air) and dermal (through the skin).
  • Once in the body, it can get into blood and deposit in bones, liver or muscles. then damage our central nervous system, kidney, etc.
  • The most harmful effects are for children, as they tend to absorb 10 times leads than an adult into their tiny bodies.
  • Lead in children can affect their ability to think, learn and solve problems, basically, can lower their IQ level and make him a nasty little violent fellow.

So, think about it.

Prevention is better than cure…

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